Dear 2018,

WELCOME! I am so glad you are here!

As I say goodbye to your chaotic predecessor, I can’t help but reflect on the knowledge I gained as I prepared for your arrival. This list is long, but I think if I could select one lesson it would be that we are stronger together and we need to look for the things that we have in common with our neighbors rather than focus on our differences.

As I look at the path of my own business how do I see Sisters of Los Angeles and its place in this conversation? From the very beginning, Sisters of Los Angeles (or SoLA) was about people and the places, celebrations and moments that connect us. Born from my previous life owning a lifestyle PR firm, I strongly believe that brands are people. The people who create, design, make, pack, ship, sell, purchase, give and receive our products are who make us real.  SoLA is about the things that connect us whether it is the city where we live, the state pride we share or just a little peace, love & happiness.

So now for the best part, 2018. Sisters of Los Angeles is now a part of a much bigger collective—yes that means we have a lot more people—Sisters and Brothers too. Jen Bilik, the genius behind Knock Knock along with Jim Papscoe & Craig Hetzer have brought together their brand, Emily McDowell Studio and SoLA.  So now the three companies will come under the “kick-ass umbrella” of the Who’s There Group. 

Left to right: Emily McDowell (founder of Emily McDowell Studio, Jen Bilik (founder of Knock Knock), and Sara Stein (founder of Sisters of Los Angeles). We make up the Who’s There Group, and we are more than the sum of our lady parts.

We, yes I said “WE”, have great plans for this year. And WE hope to be spreading a whole lot more happiness, sunshine and city pride in the year to come.


Sara Stein
Founder and Creative Director
Sisters of Los Angeles of the Who’s There Group



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